Praise Is His Gracious Choice

There's a hymn called "Come, Christians, Join to Sing" that has this verse, "Praise is His gracious choice. Alleluia Amen"

I had to do a double take when I read this - "Praise is His gracious choice". The praise of God is only possible because He allows it. It's a paradox. It's so beautiful.

It is good and right to praise God. He deserves it but because He is self-sufficient He doesn't actually need it. What floors me is the beauty of this design. He allows praise to be a vessel that not only gives us a way to glorify Him BUT transform us as well. Praise enhances our relationship with Him. Praising God (drum roll...) is good for us!;) He knows us so well. He wants the best for us. Week in (and) week out I'm reminded - When we praise we are transformed. When we "enter His courts with praise"(Psalm 100:4) what we find is a courtyard full of healing, soul-satiscation, and nearness to Him.

The more we glorify God and enter His courts the better our perspective, the better our lives.

Worship is a pretty amazing design.

aaron floresComment