Who are you when your not leading?

Who are you when your not playing guitar?

Who are you when you don't work at a church anymore? 


If you haven't read "How To Worship A King" by Zach Neede, I recommend it. He makes an obeservation that is important to be aware of - the trap of function. The "my function must determine my identity" trap. 


It usually goes like this:

If I play guitar, I must be a guitarist. 

If I sing, I must be a singer.

If I lead worship, I must be a worship  leader. 


These titles, of course, are not the problems but if we're not careful these titles we take on can become obstacles. For instance, we see this play out when giving feedback to a artists. When we give critique its like where saying we don't like who they are. It becomes an identity crisis. Why? Because we hold onto our function so tightly that it becomes a hinderance to our growth and to the bigger picture. 

Zach Neese said "God didn't create you to only use you - He created you so that he could KNOW you." 

Are you worshiping out of function or worshiping as a child of God? Worshiping out function will produce whatever music you want - worshiping out of identity will produce life. 

Our function will come and go - our identity is eternal. It's the only real ground worth standing on. 

Here's the thing - being a part of a worship team won't last forever so, don't hold it so tightly that all you become is a "musician", or a "singer".  You are more than that. 

According the scripture - You are a friend of God (John 15:15), a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinth. 6:19), a Saint (1 Corinth. 1:2), you are purposed (Ephesians 2:10), set free, you have been called, qualified and ordained to lead people into new life.

So I ask - who are you and what are you leading from?   


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