Inspired by a conversation I had with a recovering addict and former gang member.

He shared with me about being jumped into a gang, being locked up in prison, selling drugs, struggling with addictions and all the pain he caused the people he loved. He shared with me how he found Christ and how his life started to change. There was something in our conversation that really impacted me. He said - ”You know what, man - after all the junk I’ve been through I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t change it because now I’ve seen, now I know how real God is. I don’t think I would have ever known God the way I do now without what I went through. Now I want to help the younger generation. I don’t want these kids to make the same choices I did.” What moved me so much was when he said “I wouldn’t change it…because now I’ve seen, now I know how real God is.” I walked away thinking about this profound perspective on the trials in our lives. My friend wouldn’t change his past. What I heard him saying was that all the mistakes he made, and the pain and chaos he went through, is what actually made the joy he found in Christ that much greater, that much deeper, that much more meaningful. His past is what actually became the catalyst for a real and rich relationship with Christ. A relationship that now gives his future clarity. What a testimony!

In tough times I think back on that conversation and I remember this quote from Oswald Chambers - “If through a broken heart God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart.” 

Praise God.  



When I look back I see how you have shaped

The road that brought me here
I was carried in Your perfect arms of grace
You where with me all along

Verse 2: 
I’ve known sorrow, I’ve been tested in the fire 

And You heard my every cry 

For my Savior has lifted me up 
Oh, the wonder of His love

Now I’ve seen the Glory of Your name
Now I’ve seen a love that never fades
Your are faithful and all to You I sing
An endless song of praise

Verse 3:
I’ve seen darkness, I have lived the empty claims 

I have sank beneath the waves
But You’ve reached down and pulled me from the grave 

To show Your on the throne

Verse 4:
When the darkness turns and breaks to light 

And I stand before Your throne
I will finally see the fullness of Your ways 

And I’ll stand in awe and say 

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