As a child growing up in church I never thought much about worship happening outside the “4 walls” of a church building. I really assumed it was just another word for the music we played during service. Little did I know then that the word “worship” was actually filled with rich meaning and to understand it correctly is vital to the Christian faith.   

  The New Testament Greek word for worship often meant “to fall down before” or “bow down.” Simply put the biblical meaning of worship is about a state of being.  It’s important to know that worship isn’t a time, or place. Worship is an ALWAYS thing. Worship is not started; it’s aimed. So, the question is – where is my worship directed?   If I can be honest - the challenge for me is not necessarily for a church service to be Christ centered but for my life to be Christ centered. Getting off the throne of my life and putting God back on it every minute of the day. It’s pretty easy to worship when the music is great and the message is inspiring and you’re around people you like but the challenge is during the week. The challenge is during the “grey days” of your week, the “ordinary” moments.   William Temple, one of the great teachers of Church of England, unpacked worship in a powerful way. He said “Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His Holiness; the nourishment of mind with His truth; the purifying of imagination by His Beauty; the opening of the heart to His love; the surrender of our will to His purpose.”…. WOW! At the heart of this Temple is saying worship involves thinking, meditating, reflecting, processing, evaluating, and understanding what God has revealed to us of Himself. Simply put; worship takes intentionality.  

How amazing is the power of Christ that comes alive in us when we live a life intentionally worshiping Him. When we intentionally aim our hearts and minds towards Him in the valleys of our lives and when we’re experiencing the mountain top.   I spent many years of my life not even knowing that I was actually spending my focus and emotions worshiping fake gods. Understanding this word worship made a significant difference in my faith journey.   If worship as an always thing than the question is – what rules your time, energy, thoughts, longings and choices?